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Sarah’s School of Dance began with a dream of inspiring children through the wonder of dance to reach their inner potential. From a young age, Miss Sarah wanted to inspire other dancers the way she was inspired. For Miss Sarah, dancing was and continues to be a source of strength and expression that carried her throughout her childhood and into adulthood. To have a child become a professional dancer or instructor one day isn’t the ultimate goal—rather the ultimate goal is to have the child become successful in whatever the future holds. Miss Sarah believes that the principles of dance can give students the tools and attributes for a successful future. In August 2009, Miss Sarah realized a personal dream of owning her own dance studio. With the support of family and friends, Sarah’s School of Dance opened to the public taking in her first group of dancers.

The dance center has two large dance rooms with quality real-wood floors to provide maximum sound and safety. Each space is complete with a bathroom and natural filtered light. Cubbies are also provided in each dance room to hold each dancer’s gear and water. Additionally, the studio has a spacious, child-friendly lobby that is comfortable for waiting families.




It is our mission to provide students with quality choreography that increases the students’ potential through proper technical instruction and positive feedback. We wish to inspire students through the art of dance to express themselves. Dance is a unique voice that affects the dancer and the observer. It is our goal to motivate others to find their inner voice and respond to it through dance.


Dancing is a beautiful and expressive art form. Helping students learn to express themselves through dance is a gift that will last forever. The benefits of dance are long-lasting. Not only does dancing provide tensional outlets and great physical tone, it builds self-confidence and body awareness in the dancer. Students learn how to control their bodies through movement and technique. Students develop poise, balance, grace, and good posture as they move through the various positions of each style of dance.




Our teachers work to build strong and healthy dancers, not only physically, but mentally as well. This is achieved through a positive environment that directs attention to what we want the student to do rather than what we don’t want them to do. Moving and controlling the body can be difficult for students; our staff gently, and in a friendly manner, help the students find that inner balance and control.

The foundation of our instruction is based on the proper form and technique of each style of dance offered at our facility. Accordingly, we understand and provide instruction that builds correct technique through the understanding of the physical development of the student from birth to adult. With this in mind, dance, just like physical growth and development, flows from inward to outward and top to bottom. Students must first find their center before they can control their extended movements. Likewise, students must first understand and comprehend what movement their bodies are supposed to do before they can make their arms and legs execute a step or combination.

Our methods also encompass social, emotional, and cognitive development so that the whole dancer grows. Our classes are not a drill and perform type of atmosphere. We recognize that dancers need to build rapport and interact with one another and that students need connections with each other in order to stay interested in any activity. When students become isolated feel like they are on the outside, this builds feelings of loneliness and lost confidence. We strive to always communicate that each student in important to us and to our group of dancers.


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