2's Move

2's Move class focuses on creativity, coordination, and body awareness while learning basic dance and gym technique.

PreK 3 and 4

PreK 3 and 4 classes continue to work on creativity and coordination.  Dancers study Ballet, Tap, and Gym technique.

Combo 1 and 2

Combo 1 is a Ballet/Tap focus, while Combo 2 is a Ballet/Jazz focus.  This class is for dancers age 5 and 6. 


Ballet is the basis for all other styles of Dance.  Ballet teaches dancers how to move with grace, fluidity, and precision. All Ballet techniques are studied.


Tap teaches the history of tap while working on rhythm and sounds.  The dancer will become familiar with various styles of Tap.


Jazz is a fast paced class.  Dancers learn the history of the several styles of Jazz.  It is a great class for every level dancer. 


Lyrical dance is a fusion of Ballet and Jazz techniques. Lyrical dance uses emotion and movements to tell a story.  


Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is based on street Dance. Our Hip-Hop classes will introduce the children to the history and journey of Hip-Hop. 


Gym students learn tumbling techniques. They work on strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre teaches about the different choreographers of Broadway and TV/Film.  Students focus on the acting required for Dancers.


Pointe is a continuation on Ballet studies while performing in special shoes designed for dancing on your toes.

Students must receive approval from their Ballet teacher to begin Pointe.